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What happens when Apple Music Expires on 30th December?

When Apple Music expires, all the music saved or downloaded to your library will be removed and will no longer be visible to you. The only music that will remain in your library will be any downloaded music you have paid for via iTunes. The Music app will likely prompt you to subscribe to Apple Music. You are welcome to do so, but do remember that any subscription services and/or charges applied to your Apple ID are billed to the family organiser's card. Therefore, if you do decide to begin your own Apple Music membership you will be invoiced for the full amount billed. If you would to prefer paying for your music service yourself, you can try other brands such as Spotify, Tidal, Amazon Prime Music, Youtube Music, etc. Please take this time before the service ends to note down any songs you want to take with you to another service or to buy outright, as once the service ends and and all rented music will disappear, unless you re-subscribe to Apple Music.

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